Calcium Aluminate Cements – our passion

Calucem uses the unique properties of limestone and alumina to produce Calcium Aluminate Cements in a melting process. Calcium Aluminate Cements are suitable for a wide range of applications, where fast setting and drying, (corrosion and abrasion) resistance and hardening are of importance. Known applications are in Building Chemistry, Refractory, Pipes & Aggregates and Specialty Markets. Calucem offers high and consistent quality of its Calcium Aluminate Cements to ensure the best functionality in these applications.

Istra types

The ISTRA product range includes standard Calcium Aluminate Cements. ISTRA 40 – ISTRA 45 – Istra 50 are for example used in the fields of building chemistry, fireproofing or sewage.

Lumnite® /Refcon®

The LUMNITE® / REFCON® range includes standard and specialty Aluminate Cements, traditionally produced for the U.S. market.


HiPerCem is an innovative binder with a unique selling point. It is designed for the formulation of sophisticated building chemistry and refractory products.

Specialty products

Specialty Calcium Aluminate Cement products have been developed for specific application requirements.


We welcome the opportunity to provide you with customized support regarding specific product or project questions – please contact us directly, so we can discuss your individual needs.