New donation from the Love for Community Program

With this donation, as before, Calucem is showing that it thinks about the local community needs and wants to contribute actively to raise the quality of life within the community.

PULA – The love for the sea is undoubtedly inscribed in the DNA of all those who live with it or have grown up with the sea, and many are looking for ways to spend as much time as possible near the sea. With increasing external commitments and daily obligations time spent at and by the sea is more precious than ever. Sportfishing is apparently one of those sports that rests both body and soul in these stressful times, and when a team engages and socializes along with other activities a love, respect and care for the sea is born. One of those teams of people gathered in February of 2009 in Pula’s neighbourhood of Stoja and founded the Barakeri Sport Fishing Association that has, in more than a decade of work, gathered lots of good work, sporting success and currently has more than 250 members from all parts of Croatia and abroad. The members of SFA Barakeri are primarily engaged in fishing, but their Bi-laws also include the preservation of fish stocks, the preservation of marine ecology and maintenance and cleaning of both the port of Stoja and its surroundings.


Sport and environmental protection

This relatively young sport association is immensely engaged in all its activities and goals. They organize numerous smaller competitions among sportfishing teams, they regularly organize county competitions for Istria County, and they were once co organizers of the Croatian Cup in sportfishing. As far as the environment and the protection of the sea and coast are concerned, the annual eco-action has become a tradition, bringing together Barakeri and many other participants, starting with a joint cleaning of one part of the coast and ending with socializing and lunch. This year, Barakeri have also been very active, and at the beginning of April, they organized the Istria County Championship in sportfishing in the “Senior- Boat rod” category.

There were 32 competitors, amongst them participants who normally participate at the world’s largest festivals, and even world champions in sportfishing. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, the organizers had to limit the fishing zone to the permitted zones in the waters of the Bay of Pula.This, of course, did not diminish the charm of the competition, nor the satisfaction of the competitors who, after successfully completing the work, continued to socialize over lunch, which was provided by their good neighbor on the St. Peter’s Peninsula – Pula cement plant Calucem. SFA Barakeri is one of the many Pula organizations and institutions to which Calucem has been donating funds and equipment for years and helping them with their activities.


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

In addition to financing the meals for the county competition participants, one of the world’s largest calcium aluminate cement producers has also donated an office container to its neighbours. With this donation, as before, Calucem wants to show that it thinks about the local community needs and wants to contribute actively to raising the quality of life in the community.

„We are proud that with our Love for Community Program the cement plant in Pula contributes to raising the quality of life of our residents, and in particular our direct neighbours. We have once again shown how we can successfully influence the realization of projects of our fellow citizens with our joint efforts, and we are looking forward to continue our joint future cooperation”, said Mihajlo Mirković, director of the Pula plant and Yuri Bouwhuis, CEO Global CAC.

On behalf of all members of the Association, the president of SFA Barakeri Željko Skendrović thanked Calucem for the donation and said that the new office container would enable the adequate space to work in. “In the office container sport fishing licenses will be issued, official meetings will be held, and our conditions for the functioning of the Association will generally be improved. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! “, he concluded.