Further Calucem donations for elementary school students and indoor soccer players from the neighborhood

With new donations, Calucem reconfirms itself as a socially responsible partner of the local community with a special attention for local schools, educational institutions, and sports clubs.

PULA – After the successful cooperation established over the past years, the representatives of the Pula cement plant Calucem visited their neighbors from Stoja Elementary School with special gifts prior to this year’s Christmas and New Year holidays. The money intended for the purchase of IT equipment for the school’s IT cabinet is the last in a series of donations that have arrived at the school in Stoja from Calucem since 2015.

“Calucem and Stoja Elementary School have been cultivating good neighborly relations for years. This Pula-based company supports the work of schools and institutions that promote the quality of life and the environment, so with a donation of 31,250 kuna, it also supported the Stoja Elementary School’s plan to equip an IT classroom for the youngest students.

The school used the donated amount to buy ten computers and four monitors, which will certainly contribute to the quality of teaching. Stoja Elementary School is grateful for the donation and hopes for further good cooperation with the Pula cement plant”, said Zoran Bjelopetrović, headmaster of the Stoja Elementary School while thanking Calucem for the new donation. With this donation, Calucem has once again proven itself as a socially responsible partner of the local community. With its program “Love for Community”, the company supports the work of numerous local institutions, and local schools and educational institutions, as well as sports clubs. Therefore, another donation from Calucem went to such a sporting club this year.

The indoor soccer team Stoja is the result of the enthusiasm of active soccer players from the Stoja area, who with their results and activities have left their mark in soccer teams throughout our peninsula. Due to the results and achievements on the soccer, and indoor soccer scene of Pula and Istria, the idea was born to organize an association, or indoor soccer club, which is how MNK Stoja was created. The team has successfully participated in the largest indoor soccer tournaments organized in Istria and is proud to win the 2 nd city indoor soccer league, which was played in Pula’s Mate Parlov Hall. Calucem donated a set of jerseys to these neighborhood sports enthusiasts and also provided money to pay the registration fee for participation in tournaments.

“MNK Stoja with its work and activities aims to direct the coming generations from the Stoja area in the direction of a healthy lifestyle, sports competition, and socializing”, said Leo Hajnc, president of MNK Stoja.

Calucem didn’t forget our youngest fellow citizens on St. Nicholas Day when its representatives visited the kindergartens Zvončići and Ribice in Stoja, and on that occasion, cheered up the children with treats in the outdoor space.