Calucem invests more than HRK 22 million in a facility in Pula aimed at reducing noise and dust

Three months after investing 22 million kuna (EUR 3 million) in an upgrade of the Pula facility, Calucem – a world-renowned cement company, has significantly addressed the noise and dust issue in Pula as well throughout the Istrian peninsula. This multi-million investment is the largest industrial investment in Pula in recent years.

Yuri Bouwhuis, President and CEO of Calucem, points out that the installed briquetting plant contributes to reducing CO2, developing a circular economy and giving an additional boost to more ecological and greener production.

“There is no longer a need to use the services of an external supplier in the briquetting process. Now we carry out the process where it is necessary – at the heart of the factory,”, Yuri Bouwhuis said.

“The investment, launched in August 2018, is part of Calucem’s strategy to grow as a company and increase flexibility in the production of a special type of cement (CAC calcium aluminate cement) and is only the first step in transforming the company towards eco-friendliness. We still have a lot of work to do, but we have to start somewhere, “explained Yuri Bouwhuis, who set a goal for Calucem to improve its positive impact on the community and the environment.

The investment in the Pula facility provides additional flexibility in the use of raw materials during production. The finely ground milling product would be useless in production, and now it is used as a raw material via the briquetting process and returned to the production process.

“The modern briquetting system uses the latest technology and is managed by highly trained staff. At the same time, the manufacturer supports us online and can immediately help or set up the system remotely, ”explained Yuri Bouwhuis, pointing out that with the completion of the investment, jobs were created for 5 new employees.

Calucem is one of the most successful companies in Pula with a 100-year tradition of excellent business results in the global market. The company, located in a private port in Pula, exports to more than 60 countries, making it the second-largest producer and supplier of calcium aluminate cement in the world.

Calucem is focused on creating a positive work environment, and by investing in environmentally friendly manufacturing, Calucem has a positive impact on the market and follows its key customers across their facilities worldwide.