Calucem donates to Elementary School Stoja: A smart board for more modern and interactive teaching at the Elementary School

“We are aware that today you can’t even think about doing any work without quality IT equipment. We hope that this donation will make teaching easier and of a higher quality and contributes to all Students’education,” says Calucem.

PULA – From this autumn valuable “assistance” will be provided to the students of Pula’s Stoja Elementary School and assist them in learning the  English language. Calucem has a long-standing connection to the school. This week the Pula cement factory donated a smart board. In the new school year, the smart board will be utilized by all students of the school, ranging from first to eighth grade. Modern teaching of foreign languages requires interaction and active participation by the students. The smart board will, therefore, be extremely useful as it encourages interaction, as it helps to present the language as well as cultural elements and should support the teacher. “We thank Calucem for its understanding of the needs of our school, and the support that the donation of the smart board will greatly contribute to the teaching process. As in the previous years, we hope that Calucem will continue to support the progress of the school, in anticipation of the needs of the children and the community. ” Zdenka Perović, the Principal of Elementary School Stoja said to Calucem representatives, after receiving the donation.

Calucem’s partnership with Stoja Elementary School dates back to the year 2015 when the cement plant donated school lockers in which students could store their belongings and books. Three years ago,  IT equipment was donated to the school.

In the year in which Calucem marks its 95th anniversary this new donation was made possible. “We are aware that today you can’t even think about any work being completed without any modern tools, like IT equipment. We hope that this donation contributes to simplifying teaching and supports the students in their learning”, said Calucem in which it reconfirms itself as a socially responsible partner of the local community. Via Calucem’s program “Love for Community” the work of numerous local institutions, and in particular local schools and educational institutions, is supported.