Calucem donates ten second-hand computers to several associations and institutions

PULA – In the framework of socially responsible business, which is part of Calucem corporate culture and management, ten second-hand computers have been donated this year to several associations and institutions in Istria. Over the coming days, the computers are being delivered to three addresses. Six computers are donated to the Scientific Education Centre in Višnjan (Observatory in Višnjan), two computers to the Association ZvonaINari in Ližnjan, and the last two computers are donated to the Association of Paraplegics and Tetraplegics of the Istrian County based in Pula. Calucem regularly donates second-hand computers to local institutions and associations, which is part of Calucem’s culture as a socially responsible business, while valuing to maintain a good relationship with the local community and giving back to the community via donations and joint projects.

The Scientific Educational Centre, the Observatory in Višnjan, has a variety of programs that offer several educational projects, which allows new insights into the world of science for students of various ages. Calucem’s donation contributes a  little to these activities, and the last donated computers were immediately found to be useful as a backup to the security system of the Observatory.

“The Association for the Production of Culture ZvonaINari from Ližnjan, in the ten years of its existence has hosted about 300 writers and translators in the Ližnjan Literary from all over the world and organized over 200 public events, amongst which the educational programs in cooperation with local schools stand out in particular.” The two computers donated to us by Calucem will make it easier for us to operate”, the association states  In particular in our virtual projects such as the latest one called “See, Read!” which is intended for remote teaching. The Association thanked Calucem for the donation and expressed its hope that other companies would follow Calucem’s leadership to strengthen the social and cultural connection in the community.

The last remaining two laptops have been donated to the Association of Paraplegics and Tetraplegics of the Istria County. The main activity of the association is to promote independence and an active lifestyle. Any contribution and donation that supports this is more than welcome. “The donation from Calucem, in particular, is very helpful as regrettably, our members are not always in the financial position to procure a computer on their own. For one member this computer will allow them to complete their secondary education, and for another member, it will make it easier to solve some administrative problems. Donations to the association are concrete and practical support to our members to improve their quality of life and brighten up their future. We are immensely grateful to Calucem because in these difficult times for business Calucem has shown social sensitivity to the most vulnerable members of the community,” said the association.

Calucem, concluded that they hope the donated computers will help to realize the programs and plans of their new owners and these donations were part of the “Love for Community” program, which is in its 10th Consecutive year.