For eight consecutive years, Calucem has been sponsoring the work of young male and female basketball players from BC Stoja

Generations and generations of Pula basketball players made their first steps under the hoops on this popular school playground at Stoja. The court, next to which the sneaker prints in concrete remind us that once upon a time, the biggest basketball player in this area, the Mozart of basketball, legendary Dražen Petrović, played a game here, Basketball Club Stoja was founded in 1976.

From the very beginning until today, the main goal of the club was to work with younger generations, in which they achieved viable results, so today they proudly point out that they are the best in Istria in those categories for the past ten years. For eight consecutive years the “neighbours” from the Pula cement plant, Calucem, have been supporting them in their work and in achieving such results. This time Calucem  presented the club with a donation of a used computer with a monitor, and sponsorship in the amount of 10 thousand HRK.

“In cooperation with BC Stoja, we join with the desire to help the club in organizing regular activities, primarily for the younger generation. Calucem will continue assist, within its capabilities, future projects of the club that can provide better work with children and other members of this basketball club,” stated Calucem. Their sponsorship will certainly be well used because about 140 children of various ages train at Stoja, and they have eight competitive categories of boys and girls. The club also has its own basketball school where the first knowledge about basketball is currently acquired by about sixty boys and girls born in 2010 and younger, which is the result of a good relationship with all primary schools in Pula. BC Stoja has been successfully organizing the Summer Basketball School for many years, so in 2021 they continued with the same practice and organized the Summer Basketball School and camp at Stoja during July.

The sponsor of BC Stoja, the Pula cement plant Calucem, is a company that promotes its values through its socially responsible business. The company is especially proud of its “Love for Community” program, which has existed for more than ten years. The idea of the program is to support the development of the local community in Pula and beyond with various donations and sponsorships. The program provides donations and sponsorships to a wide range of institutions, including education institutions, health care institutions, cultural and charitable institutions, as well as sports clubs.