ECO2FLEX celebrates its first year

Project ECO2FLEX celebrates its first year, which has been intense and successful!

After the development of the product concept,  the first pilot production has been implemented in Calucem Plant in Pula, Croatia. This step was essential in order to validate the industrial feasibility and the viability of ECO2Flex.
The targeted amount of clinker has been produced during this trial where Calucem QC-Lab evaluated and confirmed the expected chemistry and mineralogy of this new product. After the quality approval of the prototype clinker, application tests have been conducted in the Applied Technology Laboratory in Mannheim, Germany, where the ECO2Flex cement performance has been evaluated and compared to the Calucem standard products. A fundamental materials study and a reactivity test, conducted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb, confirmed the good quality of this new low CO₂ cement.
In order to approve the product industrially and to prepare the market introduction, a partnership with one of Calucem’s key customers has been initiated. This collaboration will allow the project team to demonstrate the potential of ECO2Flex product in diverse building chemistry applications such as self-levelling compounds, repair mortar, tile adhesives, etc. during the ECO2FLEX experimental phase.  First customer feedbacks are already very positive and encouraging.

What an achievement in such a short period! The effective communication and close collaboration between the different partners is the driving force for this success.

Now, what is next?

In this first period, promising results have been reached in order to contribute to the 25%-targeted CO₂ emissions reduction. During the next phase, the project team will start to work on the optimization of the clinker production process, which will contribute additionally to the achievement of the targeted CO₂ reduction.

Another industrial pilot production is already planned for beginning of 2022 in order to confirm the stability and sustainability of the entire production process.