Calucem chills summer for the kids from Mali svijet

We are glad to be able to continue with a good cooperation and realization of projects such as this one with the local kindergarten Mali svijet. This is another donation in a series of donations from our company that recognizes the needs of local institutions and improves the quality of life of our citizens, says Yuri Bouwhuis, President and CEO of Calucem.

PULA – This June, as part of its already well-known Love for Community program, the Calucem plant in Pula prepared valuable donations for its smallest residents from Zvončići and Kamenjak kindergartens. Three air-conditioners, that can either cool or heat, have been donated by the Pula cement plant to the kindergarten Mali svijet. This ensured that despite the current warm conditions, the children have a pleasant stay at their kindergartens. Kindergarten Mali svijet is one of three preschool institutions founded by the City of Pula and includes eight facilities with 30 nursery and kindergarten groups with about five hundred enrolled children. Within the kindergarten, there are, among other things, the regional facilities Zvončići, Ribice, and the main building at Kamenjak 6. “Continuing the tradition of donations from the Calucem cement plant this year the kindergarten addressed the plant because it has recognized Calucem as a responsible company that invests in the community. This has resulted in receiving three air-conditioners at our kindergartens to the great joy our children and their teachers. This donation has significantly improved the conditions at our Kindergarten for our little ones and their teachers in these hot summer times, and we also thank our friends from Calucem for this donation, “said the director of the kindergarten Mali svijet, Tamara Pranjić.

Good co-operation
Let us remind you that last year Calucem donated a wooden playhouse to the little ones from Zvončići, which was mounted in the courtyard of the kindergarten, and that the representatives of the plant brought gifts for the Feast of St. Nicholas. “This latest donation is particularly welcome in this hot weather because it will provide children with optimal conditions in the kindergarten. The donated air conditioners will warm them during the cold winter days, cool them in warm months, and provide a pleasant conditions throughout the year. We are glad to continue with a good co operation and realization of joint projects like this with the local kindergarten Mali svijet. “This is another donation in a series of donations from our company that recognizes the needs of local institutions and raising the quality of life of our citizens.,” said Yuri Bouwhuis, CEO Global CAC. Let us rejoice that the program Love for Community has been implemented for more than ten years, and it provides donations and sponsorships to a wide range of institutions, including educational institutions, health institutions, cultural and charitable institutions, as well as sports clubs.