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  • Chronolith® 1

    Chronolith®1 is a multi-purpose special cement based on Portland cement with reliable and rapid strength development even at low temperatures.


    Chronolith®1 is a hydraulic binder for mixing easily workable, rapid-hardening mortar and concrete. In tests on mortar its workability time at 20 °C is usually 10–15 minutes.


    Characteristic values

    Initial set (min)1 10–20
    Final set approx. 2 min after initial set
    Compressive strength22 in (N/mm2) after 1h 3
    2h 5
    1d 23
    1. Tested as described in DIN EN 196-3, but with a fixed w/c-ratio of 0.40
    2. As tested on standard mortar according to DIN EN 196-1 This information relates to testing at 20 °C. Setting behaviour and strength development are influenced by the type and mixture of aggregate, the aggregate-binder ratio, the w/c-ratio and the temperature. Thus, depending on appliction, the values may differ accordingly.

    Compressive strengths and initial set at different temperatures

    As with all hydraulic binders, higher temperatures may accelerate, lower temperatures may retard the strength development. Even if the ambient application or material temperature is below 10 °C, Chronolith®1 will still yield high early strengths. In this lower temperature range Chronolith®1 features a characteristic reduction of its setting time which may be compensated for by using heated mixing water or appropriate retarders. Temperatures higher than 20 °C will lead to an acceleration of the setting behaviour, as for nearly all ce­ments. In this case we recommend tempering the water or appro­priate retarders. After 28 days the strengths correspond to strength class 32.5 (according to EN 197-1).

    Further properties

    (common values)

    Physical properties

    Fineness (Blaine) 5200–5800 cm²/g
    Water demand 28–30 %
    Specific weight 3.00–3.02 g/cm³
    Bulk density (not compacted) 1.0–1.2 g/cm³

    Chemical analysis (%) (long-time averages)

    Al2O3 7,8
    SiO2 18,6
    Fe2O3 3,0
    CaO 59,9
    MgO 2,2
    K2O 1,1
    SO3 3,7

    Due to optimisation of the product, the chemical composition can be changed.

    Application and use

    In both mortar and concrete Chronolith®1 develops high strength after no more than a few hours. This makes it an excellent choice for

    Building chemistry applications
    As a reliable ingredient for recipes, such as adhe-sive systems with controllable setting behaviour

    dry mortar applications
    As a high early strength binder for

    • fixing systems
    • grouting material
    • repair mortar
    • plaster products

    foundry applications

    as an environmentally friendly means of solidifying moulding sand. Chronolith®1 is supplied as a ready-to-use binder. Portland cement may be added, although setting and strength properties may change depending on the quantity. Please contact us for further product specifications.

    Practical hints

    Preliminary tests are recommended before the use of additives or a change in the type of sand. A mixing time of two minutes should be observed when mixing mortar. Remixing (overworking) after the mortar has begun to set results in a decline in strength development. Thus only batches that can be used within the expected working time should be mixed. Thoroughly clean mixer and other tools with water immediately after use.

    Quality control

    Like all other Calucem products, Chronolith®1 production is subject to stringent quality control. Constant monitoring of all components ensure a consistent quality. The production plant is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/14001 – Reg. No. 003454 QM UM.

    Place of manufacture

    HeidelbergCement AG, Leimen Plant

    Storage and shelf-life

    Chronolith®1 has to be stored in dry conditions and protected against moisture. When stored appropriately in sealed packaging the material will last for up to six months.

    Safety and environmental instructions

    Working with Chronolith®1 is subject to the following German legal provisions:

    Application (Hazardous Materials Ordinance): Xi – irritant
    Transport (Hazardous Materials Ordinance, Road): not required
    (Ordinance on Flammable Liquids):
    (Ordinance on Federal Water Act):

    not required
    Water Risk Class 1
    Waste disposal: EWC´Waste disposal code 170101

    Local laws and legal provisions should be observed.

    A materials safety data sheet for this product is available.