Istra Types

The ISTRA product range includes standard Calcium Aluminate Cements. ISTRA 40 – ISTRA 45 – Istra 50 are for example used in the fields of building chemistry, fireproofing or sewage.

The ISTRA product range meets the requirements of European standard EN 14647 for Calcium Aluminate Cements and is subject to stringent quality control. This guarantees a reliable and consistent quality. The ISTRA product range is classified according to its AI2O3 -content, for example ISTRA 40 has an AI2O3-content of ~40%. Depending on the required properties, such as refractoriness, strength development, paint or chemical resistance, the ISTRA product range covers a wide variety of typical Calcium Aluminate Cement applications.

Over the last 100 years, Calucem has continued to invest in product quality and innovation and is currently in the latest generation of product development: for example I40 4.0, which is the 4th generation in its existence and I50 5.0, which is the 5th generation, etc.