Specialty applications

Based on market demand or customer requests, Calucem´s Applied Technologies and R&D team is developing tailor made products for specific applications.

Examples for Specialty Applications:

  • Cementitious boards
  • Anti-Friction coatings
  • Specialty mortars for mining applications
  • 3D printing
  • Thermal and mechanical stressed industrial floors
  • Oil well cements
  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Cleaning of industrial process water
  • Thermal stressed floors in the iron and steel industry
  • Incineration plants
  • Special concretes in hydro power stations
  • Aggregate in sewer refurbishment mortars and concretes
  • Briquetting of fibrous waste material in compliance with the sulfur emissions limits
  • Stabilization of metal dusts without explosive hydrogen development
  • Granulation of filter dusts and ores
  • Sulfate reduction in sewage
  • Raw material for fertilizer production
  • Steel slag conditioning




We welcome the opportunity to provide you with customized support regarding specific product or project questions – please contact us directly, so we can discuss your individual needs.