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  • News: The new cement packaging line in Pula

    Calucem relies on complete packaging line by BEUMER

    Calucem d.o.o., a member of Calucem Group and based in Pula, Croatia, is a manufacturer of calcium aluminate cements that are predominantly used in the refractory industry. The company is now replacing its previous packaging line with BEUMER filling, palletizing and packaging systems. This BEUMER solution will help simplify the process of moving material into the packaged units and is a more energy-efficient option.

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    HiPerCem® – A New Refractory Binder Concept

    The new CALUCEM® HiPerCem calcium aluminate cement (CAC) provides a solution for the formulation of highly sophisticated refractory castables. The innovative HiPerCem product concept focuses on combining the reactive CAC components with an optimized particle size distribution and the specific surface...

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